Home buyers are willing to have everything in their new houses, without even thinking are they really need such extras. The famous saying “buy less house than you can afford, just in case”, could be applied here.

People are often lured from the huge yard their house would have, they imagine the kids playing with the family dog, jumping and laughing around, but is it worth? Having a big and spacious yard, means that you have a big green area that needs constant care, no matter if we are speaking about cutting the grass or spraying against bugs. It is a responsibility a person should thing well about.

The next thing people should think about is the means of transportation their neighborhood offers. If you are driving your car every day to go work do you need to spend more money only for being closer to the metro or the bus station.

A factor that increases the price of the property is being close to some of the top schools in the neighborhood. Searching for a house in close proximity to such school, without having kids and without even planning to have one day, not only increases the price of the properties but also guarantees for higher taxes.

Before buying a house consider what exactly you need. If you are a family of just 3, do you need 3 bedrooms or media rooms, that need not only furnishing but cooling and heating throughout the whole year. Or do you need a single store house if you have no problems climbing some stairs in order to get into your bed.

Also check whether your future house have some very specific extras, custom-made for the previous owner that you would not actually use.

All buyers should never forget about the maintenance costs, everything that is extra in their new house would extend the bill.