Features you do not really need, advice for all the new home buyers.

Features you do not really need, advice for all the new home buyers.

Home buyers are willing to have everything in their new houses, without even thinking are they really need such extras. The famous saying “buy less house than you can afford, just in case”, could be applied here.

People are often lured from the huge yard their house would have, they imagine the kids playing with the family dog, jumping and laughing around, but is it worth? Having a big and spacious yard, means that you have a big green area that needs constant care, no matter if we are speaking about cutting the grass or spraying against bugs. It is a responsibility a person should thing well about.

The next thing people should think about is the means of transportation their neighborhood offers. If you are driving your car every day to go work do you need to spend more money only for being closer to the metro or the bus station.

A factor that increases the price of the property is being close to some of the top schools in the neighborhood. Searching for a house in close proximity to such school, without having kids and without even planning to have one day, not only increases the price of the properties but also guarantees for higher taxes.

Before buying a house consider what exactly you need. If you are a family of just 3, do you need 3 bedrooms or media rooms, that need not only furnishing but cooling and heating throughout the whole year. Or do you need a single store house if you have no problems climbing some stairs in order to get into your bed.

Also check whether your future house have some very specific extras, custom-made for the previous owner that you would not actually use.

All buyers should never forget about the maintenance costs, everything that is extra in their new house would extend the bill.

The most horrific things an inspector could find in your future house.

The most horrific things an inspector could find in your future house.

Buying a house requires the necessary inspection by a professional, well-informed with the tricks sellers are doing in order to present their properties in the best possible way, getting the best price. Sometimes not everything is what is seems to be and here are one of the most horrific things an inspector could find in the property you are planning to buy. And by horrific things we are assuming things that would be expensive to be repaired,

Having a house with a deck is for sure something that you would use in every possible occasion, no matter you need a rest under the sun or just a fresh breath of air. Surprisingly for a lot of people decks have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and the problem is not with the wood but with the fasteners. They are made from such material that corrodes fast, especially in locations with humid climate. If it is not seen on time the repair of the deck would be around $10 000 to $15000.

During the Vietnam War, because of the lack of copper its price went high and housemakers, back in this time started to use aluminum as a substitute. If the inspector says that the house has aluminum wiring it is a very big problem. Having an aluminum wiring guarantees you problems with the insuring companies for sure. Some of them are not signing policies, due to the high risk of fire.

In the past people have used oil for heating, during the winter period, some of the house owners then buried the tanks in the ground. Such tanks are said to be environmental time bombs without timer. You could never know if they are going to leak or when and whether you would be responsible for cleaning or not.

Cracks in the foundation could also be a problem from pivotal importance. Not only the repayment of such problem is extremely expansible but it could also lead to structural damages on the house that would be even worse.

Last but not least termites or mold are very hard to be treated and to be got rid of. It is a problem that comes from the nature and the chemicals that are used for solving it are not healthy for people.

It is advisable to hire an inspector with a lot of experience that could find such type problems with an ease and to prepare you for the amount of the bill in advance.

Is it a bargain to buy a house with damaged roof?

Is it a bargain to buy a house with damaged roof?

Shop buyers especially the first-time buyers are always searching for a house in a perfect condition with great vision. No one wants to purchase a house and to have to start repairing it right after the deal.

People who are looking for house to live in and not for reselling could be directly sent off if they spot damage on the roof, basically because any repairs from this kind are often very expensive and hard to be done. But is it really a problem and to what extent.

It is a well-known fact that tornadoes and hurricanes frequently hit America. If only one of the shingles is dislocated because of a natural disaster it could be easily repaired and the price that would be paid is not high at all.

Roof damages must be closely inspected by people who are deep into this matter. Due to the bad roof a lot of problems might occur in the house, such as ceiling drywall. In event of rain it it is possible the whole house to be flooded if the roof is not maintained in a proper way.

A well-made roof should last for at least 20 years, with some regular check-ups. Here comes the question whether it is a good idea to buy a house with damaged roof. It is normal for the price to be lower compared to the houses in the same are without problems in their roofs. Due to the advancement in the technologies nowadays almost all types of damages in the roof could be repaired without fully disassembling it. During the inspection period it is mandatory to require and get a quote from a certified person for the exact type of the damages in order to make an agreement with the owner to repair it itself or to know how much exactly should be taken off the price of the property. It is advisable not to save money on the roof, because it could be state to be one of the most important parts of the house the its quality should be out of question.

Staging your house

Staging your house

In Virginia, it is a well-known fact that people who would like to buy a real estate property have a lot of preference and requirements about the property they are going to purchase. This is so, due to the nature of the location of the city. People would like to spend their time with family in a cozy atmosphere.

In order to achieve this impression it is very important the way you present your real estate to the people who might have an offer. Staging your house is a crucial first step in getting potential buyers picture themselves in the real estate that you are offering. According to the newest Housing Trends Report more than 80 percent of urban sellers and more than 70 percent of suburban sellers’ state that staging their home is the first activity in their “to-do” list before they put the real-estate for sale.

The staging process usually includes a general activity that every real-estate owner should execute in order to present their property in the best possible way. The first step is to declutter. Walk around the house and remove every item that you will not need and pay attention to closets and cabinets. The next step is to depersonalize the property. You want those potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your house, calling it home. This step requires you to remove items and decorations that might make your house feel personal. And the last two steps are pretty obvious, erasing signs of pets and deep cleaning. If you have a pet, be sure to remove all the toys, food dishes and water bowls. Then do a deep clean until you reach the point where it looks like nobody actually lives in the real estate.

After completing the general staging steps you can continue with some tips and tricks used by professionals for staging your property such as: Increased lighting in every room. You would like to present your real estate as a bright space full of lights. Another trick is to play with the furniture, arranging it a bit differently. This way you may increase the space in the rooms. Also, you need to pay attention to details and maintenance issues that buyers may notice. Replace or repair all the imperfections while staying neutral for broad appeal.

Tone down the colors and keep the spaces gender-neutral. The next tip is to look at the exterior and by mowing your lawn, washing any dirty or dingy areas or planting some flowers you will appeal the potential buyers with the ultimate first impression. Last but not least, show value in the things that make your home unique and special and never leave a room empty.

Consultancy activities for Virginia real estate market

Purchasing a real estate property is not an easy venture. The easiest part during the whole process is paying to the seller. But the road to getting there is very bumpy and full with a lot of potholes the must be avoided.

It is a common practice in the US an expert to be called in order to check the house up, if there any hidden problems that are disguised from the seller, but again this happens after you have already have an offer and you are negotiating with a seller.

We would like to inform you that one of our agents is here to help you with free consultancies. He is here to assist you with choosing the best possible option in the purchasing of a real estate property. He is operating in Manassas Park, Manassas, Woodbridge, Burke, Aldie, Centreville, Chantilly, Gainsville, Herndon, Ashburn, Sterling, Fairfax, Reston, Lorton, Falls Church, Springfield, Annandale, Vienna, Tyson’s Corner, Arlington, Alexandria.

His knowledge the property markets and the trends that are observed during the past months enables him to provide you with strategic advices – where and when to place your bids and how to negotiate with the seller.

He could be contacted and after providing him with the needed amount of information he could help you with your choice. Whether you need a multifamily house or a single-family one.

Consultancy services are from great benefit for the buyers, they save them time, effort and money. Being directed what to do and how to do it is great in this dynamic property market. Using such type of consultant also gives you the confidence that everything from a legal point of view is fine. There thousands of different regulations, regarding the aforementioned cities, that have to be well known by the buyer in order make everything right and not to be surprised with an unexpected tax that is imposed on its property.

It is an activity that is driven with great responsibility, people without previous experience are unable to do it and our advice it so use only certified specialist who would understand your desires and would satisfy them with the best offers specifically for them.